What is Funway MoneyCard loyalty scheme? It is an exclusive Funway Travel Agent loyalty program where agency staff can earn money on a convenient reloadable Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card that can be used to shop anywhere. You cannot use your card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine.

Who can join the Funway MoneyCard loyalty scheme? All independent travel agents based in the UK are eligible to join the scheme provided they book with Funway Holidays. Unfortunately, employees of Thomas Cook are not eligible to join the scheme as they operate their own loyalty scheme. Travel Counsellors are currently not eligible to join the scheme.

How do I register for the MoneyCard loyalty scheme? If you are not a current member of the Funway MoneyCard loyalty scheme, simply go to the homepage and click on "Register" and follow the registration process online. Your new Funway MoneyCard (Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card) will be sent to the address you enter in the registration process. Prior to registration, ensure you have your unique Funway4Agents username set up. MoneyCard incentives are tracked and credited using this unique username.

How will I be identified and verified?

1. When making a booking on Funway to qualify for the Incentive Scheme the travel agent must use the unique
    Travel Agency ID.
2. Once the booking is completed they register for their Incentive card.
3. The Agent is required to provide the following information on registration:
a. A recent utility bill, or Bank Statement – Not older than 3 months old
i. Original Documents to be sent to Funway and stored by Funway
b. A letter on the Travel Agency headed paper acknowledging that the agent is an employee of
      the travel agency

i. This letter to be signed by the HR Manager or Branch Manager
ii. This letter to state that the employer has confirmed the identity of their employee and the ID
      documentation they hold on file for the employee can be shared with Raphaels
      Bank, who is the Issuer of the Card, should this be required

For any queries on the status of your MoneyCard account please contact us at MoneyCard@funway.co.uk.

Agents will be allowed to earn cash rewards individually. Individual re-loadable Visa cards are issued to each person.

Will I earn money on bookings made prior to registering for Funway MoneyCard? Bookings created prior to registration will not earn money. However, as soon as you have registered you can start earning; just make sure you keep a note of your member ID and user name. You do not have to be in receipt of your Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card to start earning money. You do however need your MoneyCard before you can start spending using your card.

Is my MoneyCard account personal to just me? Yes, when you make a booking your money will be loaded to your personal MoneyCard account. Please do not share your Member ID / Card Number /User Name with anyone else.

How do I get my Funway MoneyCard? ? If you are not currently registered, once you sign up for the scheme your Funway MoneyCard will be sent to the address you provided within 30 business days. Prepaid Cards are issued and sent to your home address for security purposes.

How do I log in to the Funway MoneyCard website? To log in to the Funway MoneyCard website, use your MoneyCard number (or Member ID) and your password.

How do I Activate my Funway MoneyCard? Once you receive your card, please visit the www.funway.trucash.com website and click 'Click here to ACTIVATE CARD'. Note: Card balances will not display in account until 24 hours after the card is activated.

How do I receive my PIN number? Please follow the steps below to obtain your PIN number:

  •      1) Sign In to your MoneyCard account at www.funway.trucash.com
  •      2) Select the PIN Request Option
  •      3) Your first PIN request is FREE. For any subsequent PIN request or change, a fee of £2.95 will be
             charged to your card.
  •      4) Select your PIN action
  •      5) Choose "GET PIN" in the drop down option
  •      6) Your 4 digit PIN will be displayed in green after a few seconds

How do I update my profile on the Funway MoneyCard website? To update your profile on the Funway MoneyCard website, sign in using your Prepaid Card number on the front of your card (or you can alternatively use your member ID) and your password, click on "Profile" to update any necessary information and click "Submit" to save your changes.

How do I use my Funway Reloadable Prepaid Card? Prepaid cards can be used as a payment wherever you normally shop where "Visa Cards" are accepted. Please note, you cannot use your MoneyCard to withdraw money from a cash machine.

How do I make sure my bookings are being linked to my MoneyCard account? ? If you are making a booking on the www.funway4agents.co.uk website you just need to make sure you are entering the correct user name and password (and ABTA number) set up for the www.funway4agents.co.uk website and you must also have signed up for MoneyCard and created your unique Member ID, so we can match your bookings to your account. If you are making a booking with our reservations team over the phone, please ensure you inform them you are a MoneyCard member and provide your member ID. Your booking will then be linked to your MoneyCard account.

What Fees will I incur by using my Funway Reloadable Prepaid card? Fees are minimal for card usage and are based on standard prepaid card Industry Rates.

Fee Table

Point of Sale authorisation £0.49
Point of Sale decline £0.49
FX Fee on transactions 2.00%
Card Loads Free
Monthly Service Fee – monthly after 90 days £0.15
Replacement Card £10.00
Pin Change £2.95

Redemption and Refunds Fees

Account Redemption (Closure) Fee during the lifetime of the Card £5
Partial Redemption (Unload) fee during the lifetime of the Card £5
Account Redemption Fee applied from one year after the lifetime of the Card expires £5

Limit Table

Maximum single load £2,500
Maximum Balance at any time £5,000
Maximum turnover in 365 day period £25,000
Number of POS purchases allowed per day 20 (POS transactions)
Value of purchases allowed per day £2,500

If We decide to increase or impose any new fees beyond those set out herein, We will tell You by e-mail, text, or post, at least two months before any changes take effect, unless otherwise required by law.

When do I earn money? Money will be earned with full payment on qualifying bookings and will automatically be loaded monthly by the 15th of the month to your account.

Note: A minimum of £5 must be earned to load your card. Card loads are limited to £2,500 per load. If your earnings exceed this amount for the month, money will be deposited daily until the full earnings are loaded.

How much balance can I hold on my Prepaid Card? The Funway MoneyCard Reloadable Visa Prepaid Cards have a maximum balance of £5,000. If your balance exceeds £5,000, all owing funds will be added as your balance depletes.

How do I find out what my reloadable prepaid card balance is? Visit www.funway.trucash.com and login with your reloadable prepaid card number and password. Your Funway MoneyCard Rewards balance is available by selecting "Transaction History" to view your account activities and balance. You will also receive monthly e-mails with your earnings and available balance.

Will I earn money on group bookings? Yes, you will earn money on group bookings that have MoneyCard incentives.

Will I earn money on bookings with Promo Codes or Ultra Codes? Yes, bookings with promo codes & ultra codes will qualify for MoneyCard incentives. Price matches are excluded from the scheme.

What if I work for 2 different travel agent branches? If you work for 2 different branches with different ABTA numbers then you will need to register a MoneyCard account for each branch and therefore will require 2 MoneyCards.

What happens if I move to a new Travel Agency? If you change agencies, please first ensure you have set up a new user name and password on Funway4Agents. Next, on the funway.trucash.com website go to the Profile Tab and click on the Edit Button. Update your profile with your new agency account information. Agency transfer updates must be made within 7 days to ensure tracking of bonus cash offers. Funway is not responsible for untracked reservations due to failure to notify of such change. Funway will no longer be making exceptions for manual reservation transfers and tracking.

Note: When transferring agencies any bookings without a deposit payment will not be honoured.

Does my Funway reloadable prepaid card ever expire? Yes, the expiration date is indicated on the card. Replacement cards will be automatically issued. Cards may deactivate prior to the expiration date if there has been no activity on the card for a period of 18 months.

Viewing your transactions: Unlike a credit card, an authorization on a reloadable card immediately removes the funds from the card. However, like a credit card, the funds aren't transferred to the merchant until the transaction is settled - if the merchant doesn't settle the transaction immediately the transaction may not be available for viewing until settlement is completed.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my reloadable prepaid card? Please check all the FAQs on this page or alternatively call 0844 504 7811 or email Funway at MoneyCard@funway.co.uk for reloadable prepaid card support including card replacement, card to card transfer and general information. Fees for special services may apply. Please note the number listed above is to contact Trucash, the card supplier, not Funway Holidays. Calls cost 5p per minute from a fixed BT landline. Call costs from other networks may vary.

Program Agreement

This program may be altered or cancelled at any time without notice at Funway’s sole discretion.